Are you afraid to use a toy in training because your dog jumps up and grabs it? 

Do you hide your toy in your clothing because your dog always tries to grab the toy? 


In this class, we will be teaching your dog to take the toy on command so that you can hold the toy in your hand while playing and training. We will work on teaching the dog to understand the rules of play~dog can get toy when cued to take toy.  Dog is not allowed to grab the toy when they want.  Dog must learn to wait to hear the release word.  

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Why take this class?

🌀 Teach dog to take toy when cued to take toy 
🌀 Teach dog not to jump up and take toy when they want
🌀 Learn how to hold toy in hand while playing
🌀 Learn how to hold toy in hand while training

This 3 week class is self paced. You have access to all the material as soon as you sign up !

Who should participate?

Open to all puppies and dogs


Week 1: Learning the Rules of Toy Play (Drop it, Get it)

Week 2: Groundwork of Applying the Rules~Holding Toy in Hand

Week 3: Holding Toy while doing obstacle(s)

Suggested Pre-requisite - 

Your dog likes toys.  This is not a class to teach dog’s to like toys. 

Your dog can stay until released.   This is not a class to teach stays/ start-lines, but it is required to go through the steps in this class. 

Required Equipment - Toy 😁

What's Included?
SELF~PACED CLASS - As soon as you sign up you will have access to the full course!  This way you can work at your own pace. 

Step by Step lessons with detailed video instruction.

Working Students can submit up to 5 minutes of video for detailed instructor feedback.

Auditors: Can ask questions and comment 

NEW for 2021 - VIDEO REVIEW!! I record my screen and do a voiceover as I watch your homework videos! I can do slow motion, draw lines and more!
Start Date: You have access to all info as soon as you sign up. The class is open for video submission, questions, review and comments for 90 days after enrollment.

The school reserves the right to modify, update or remove this class at any time.