Learn some fun ways designed to keep your senior dog functional and moving to help keep muscles healthy and strong, to enhance flexibility and body awareness and improve dynamic balance.

Do you want to improve your senior dog’s quality of life by learning functional, fun and suitable exercises for your senior dog?

 Are you struggling to find appropriate workouts for your senior dog?

Do you want to learn now to assess your dog?

As dogs age, they tend to gain weight, become less active, sleep more and lose mental focus. The less they move, the more muscles atrophy, balance diminishes and the less they move. In order to keep senior dog at the best quality of life we need to keep senior dogs moving. Fitness is essential for keeping our senior dogs mobile and active. A structured exercise program benefits senior dogs by keeping muscles toned and flexible while maintaining balance, stability and function.  Conditioning the senior dog also helps to mentally exercises the mind of the dog and also enhances the relationship between you and your dog.


Senior dogs cannot do what they once did as young dogs so we must be mindful to create an exercise plan geared toward their physical and mental ability. This class will teach you how to do safe, fun exercises for senior dogs that will help improve body awareness, flexibility, balance, front, hind-end and core strength. It also provides mental stimulation to keep our senior dogs mind working well too!! 


As dog’s age, they want to move less. But we need to keep them moving! Moving is vital for life! It gets the heart beating and the blood flowing which helps to nourish cells throughout the body. Blood flow helps carry away waste products and helps neutralize toxins! Moving also supports brain health. So moving is not only great for muscles (including the heart) it is great for the WHOLE BODY. It helps improve functionality and performance in daily life activities as well as sport activities. Being able to control their body and balance while in motion is important for all dogs.  So let’s keep our senior dogs moving so their body systems will function better.

How to Assess

Learn How to Assess Your Dog

6 Workouts

Whole-Body Wellness: Tailored Routines for Senior Life Balance

Moving Exercises

To have a good quality of life, dogs need to move!’

Warm Ups

Learn how to Warm-Up

Geriatric Exercises

Strength at Any Age: Confidence-Building Fitness for Seniors

Senior Dog Lectures

Various lectures on Senior dog care, lifestyle changes and other senior dog related information

Choose a Pricing Option

Class Info- This class is self-paced, so you have access to all the material as soon as you sign up. Workers can submit a total of 30 minutes for instructor feedback. This way you can pick and choose what you want the most help on! Lisa screencasts your videos so she can talk, draw lines and slow down your videos to explain what she is saying. Watching your videos allows her to see what is occurring during the training session and will allow her to coach you and provide important feedback.

What’s Included?

·     Various lectures on Senior dog care, lifestyle changes and other senior dog related information

·     Lessons on how to assess your senior dog

·     How to warm-up your dog

·     No equipment workout

·     5 full workouts

·     Moving exercises

·     Geriatric exercises

The star of this class is 14.5 year old Tandem!

The other star of the class

is Revolution at 11 years old.

Who Should Participate?

This class is geared towards senior dogs but any healthy age dog is welcome in this class!

Equipment:   Tandem-my 14-year-old- I use 2 balance pads or a bucket for the workouts. With Revolution -11-year-old, for some workouts I use FitBones to show more challenging exercises.  For the moving exercises, I use cones andi poles.  There are many possible equipment options using household items such as your couch cushions!

What Level Are the Exercises? Since this is a senior dog fitness class, exercises will be beginner to intermediate level.

Your instructor

Dr. Lisa Schmit

PhD Public Policy Analysis

Certified Canine Fitness Trainer

Certified Pet Massage Practitioner

Certified Canine & Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Practitioner

Certified Animal Cold Laser Practitioner

Certified Canine & Equine Cranio-Sacral Practitioner 

Certified Canine & Equine Kinesiology Tape Practitioner

Certified Human, Pet, Equine & Livestock Magnawave Practitioner 

Dog/Puppy Agility Training Expert